ERRÓ (Gudmundur Gudmundsson)

* 1932 in Olafsvik, Island

Erró’s painted collages are based on a black and sometimes quite grim humour. The insight into the presented visual worlds is comprehensive. Their power of invention lies in the conjunction of form and content, revealing abundance and pungency as properties per se. Combining elements of technical, political, cultural and other content often results in a biting portraiture of the present-day world. Possibly a documentation, a critical witnessing rather than intended political or social output. This jointing of popular pictorial worlds abstains of „aesthetic“ ingratiation.


"It seems to me that I am a sort of chronicler, of reporter, ... who would join together all the images of the world, and it is me to make of it the synthesis." Erró

Photo: Godula Buchholz, Paris 2012

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