1965 – 2015 Galerie Buchholz

Photo: Godula Buchholz, 2014

Miler Ramírez

* 1955 in Kolumbien

Studied graphic design. Lives and works in Boll near Bern, Switzerland.

Pulsating colour traces and archaic-looking figures in red, blue, yellow, green, orange move to rhythms. The forms vibrate to the fast beat of music. Ramírez achieves this effect with the aid of a special technique – drip painting. Level by level, he brushes and drips the paint from various directions onto the canvas, thus creating a musical-rhythmical movement of the lines and the ethnic figures that move round a free space, half floating and half dancing.

In recent years he painted cows, the Swiss “Aargauer Urviecher “ (“primeval creatures of Aargau/ real characters of Aargau”), in all kinds of variations.

He paints with acrylic paint and fluorescent paints. Ultraviolet light reveals unexpected inscriptions, shifting colours and shapes in the abstract figurative pictures. Miler Ramírez constantly listens to music; his motto is “life is motion“.



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